2nd Quarter


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Just as a candle cannot burn without fire,
people cannot live without a spiritual life.


2nd Q Assignments

Assignment #1 : "Blackfish" Reflection:  (Please cut and paste your doc into the email, not as attachment.) DUE: Friday Nov. 8: 3:00
Assignment #2:
Read pp. 69-75.  Answer ques. #1-2-3-4 on p. 90. (Please cut and paste your doc into the email, not as attachment. DUE: Friday Nov. 22 3:00.         
Assignment #3:
Read pp. 75-85.  Answer ques. #11-12-15-18 on p. 90. our doc into the email, not as an attachment). DUE: Friday Dec. 13: 3:00
Assignment #4:
Choose 1 from below. (Please cut and paste your doc into the email, not as an attachment). DUE: Thursday Dec. 19: 3:00

Quarter Test : January 10, 2014

Please choose ONE from the following assignment choices:

  1. Quiet time and journal keeping:  A minimum of five days, at least twenty minutes each time.  A journal entry of at least one paragraph must accompany each day.  The choice of what you do during that time is up to you.  However it should be something that ‘makes you happy’ and something that you have not done for some time e.g. taking time to help your mom or dad make dinner, talking to a friend whom you haven’t spoken to in a long time, visiting a grandparent whom you haven’t visited in a while, taking meditation time, talking to someone with whom you have had an argument to try to settle the conflict; etc.
  2. Doing a good deed.  Must be something done intentionally (It cannot be something that you have already done.  It must be done specifically for this project).  A one page typed reflection needs to accompany the assignment. 
  3. Create a symbol that you feel expresses suffering.  This may be a personal form of suffering or suffering in general.  Explain your creation in a one page reflection.

    Create a piece of art or symbol that represents some loss or pain that you have gone through.  Again please explain your creation in a one page reflection.
  1. A project of your own creation.  This must pre-approved by your teacher.
  2. Create an in-class meditation from either an Eastern perspective.  Two-three people may develop this meditation.  It must be a minimum of fifteen minutes in length.  It must also authentically express through readings, symbols, prayers, music and rituals Eastern mentality.  You must hand in an outline of the meditation at least one day before the actual meditation.
  3. Fasting from a luxury (Facebook, Phone, Music, Looking in a mirror, chocolate etc.).  A written journal recounting your fast must be handed in.  This is a ‘five consecutive day’ assignment and will be explained further in class.

7.  Create a visual representation or symbol (painting, sculpture etc.) of Eastern thought. Type a one page explanation of your creation.

8.  Pick a movie that you think depicts some of the themes we have discussed.  Write a 2 page explanation. Please use  specific examples from the
     movie of your choice to clarify your thoughts.     


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