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Bun Venit !  Welcome to REACH TO ROMANIA !



Reach To Romania  is an Outreach Project open to Notre Dame graduated Seniors, alumnae and faculty.  We are currently referring those
 interested to Global Volunteers.  They work with at risk infants in hospitals and older orphans in schools and group homes and will try
to place NDP alums and faculty on the same team.  For more information please go to the
Global Volunteers tab above.


Reach To Romania is also an avenue of Political Advocacy for these children. 
For reasons having nothing to do with the welfare of up to 100,000 children who are abandoned to:

- institutions,

-dysfunctional and corrupt  bureaucracies,

-and the streets and sewers of Bucharest

the Romanian Government has banned international adoptions.
The political background of this decision is provided in the
Political Advocacy
link above.

Many countries, including the U.S., are working to reverse that decision.  We need your help to assist with this international effort to give these children
a chance to have a life with a 'forever family'.


PLEASE CONTACT me with any questions at   or call me at 410-825-6202 X1635