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Who do YOU say that I am ?



Jesus Christ and Christian Scriptures

Religion 10




Jesus Christ: God's Revelation to the World :Michael Pennock

Sexuality Textbook


Classroom Requirements:

1. A functional laptop

2. Religion folder or notebook

3. Respectful  class attitude and behavior


First Quarter Grading and Requirements:

1. Homework (40%): Readings and assignments from the text.

2. Quarter Test (30%):  DUE:TBA Tests based on class notes and the text.

3. Optional Assignment (30%):  DUE: October 2. Typed, double spaced.




Assignments Options: CHOOSE 1


Directions: Please e-mail all assignments. Copy and paste from Word doc (and Save the docs in Word).
Please put ASSIGNMENT OPTION in Subject Line of E-mail.


DUE:  OCT. 12  3:00 p.m.


1. Quiet time and journal keeping: Five times spend at least 15 minutes completely alone, with no distractions.

    Get in touch with the silence within you. 

    Listen for the God within you.  After each time write a paragraph describing your experience. 

    E-mail the 5 typed paragraphs.


2. ‘Fast’ from a luxury (T.V., IM, Face book, texting, cell phone, mirrors etc.) for 5 consecutive days.

     Write and e-mail a 1-2 page typed paper describing your experience and what you learned about yourself.


3. Do a good deed of intentional choice. Recalling Fr. Joe's sermon last week about the blind man that all of

   the 'important' people ignored, look at your world (family, neighborhood, social circle) and select someone who is often ignored....

   an elderly relative, a sick or disabled neighbor, a cousin or peer who is lonely and

   without friends. Then go out of your way to do something for or with that person. 

   E-mail  a 1-2 page typed reflection on your experience and what you learned. 


4. Discuss one significant event that has occurred in your life.  Evaluate in what ways that event

    has had an impact upon you.  What do you feel you learned from the experience? Upon reflection,

    how to you feel or believe that God was with you in that experience, and, or what do you think God

    was telling you in your experience?  E-mail 1-2 typed pages. 


5. Create a piece of art or a visual representation of some form of suffering that you have gone

    through.  Write an explanation of your creation.  Include whether or not you felt that God was

    with you in your suffering.Hand in your art and e-mail 1 typed page


6. Write five suggestions for parents as to how they might respond more positively to the growing

    independence of their teenage daughters.  Discuss these with your parents and ask for their

    comments.  Summarize their insights and your own reflections on your parents’ thoughts.

    E-mail 1-2 typed pages.


7. Read "SMASHED: Story of a Drunken Girlhood".  This is a true story, a cautionary tale by a young woman who grew up in Maryland.

    Please answer the following questions and e-mail.

    1.  Describe your experience of reading this book.  What were your feelings?  Why?
    2. How typical do you think the author's experience with alcohol is?  Is it what you see around you in your social world?

    3. How is the author's use/misuse of alcohol connected what what happened to her sexually?
    4. The author never describes herself as an 'alcoholic'.  What do you think about this?  How would you describe her drinking?

    5. What is your 'takeaway' from this book?  What will you most remember, and why?


 * * *